Come meet your Renton Legislators at our January PTSA meeting

All are welcome to attend our PTSA meetings even if you are not a PTSA member.

This month we will get to meet our elected officials and ask them questions about how they will be voting in the next legislative session. This will directly affect our kids in every school in Washington State!

Attending legislators:

41st District – Representative Marcie Maxwell, position 1, Democrat

11th District – Senator Bob Hasegawa, Democrat Representative Zack Hudgins, position 1, Democrat,

37th District – Senator Adam Kline, Democrat, Representative Sharon Tomiko-Santos, position 1, Democrat

Click here for a list of all the representitives from your district.

Here is the agenda for the evening.
6:15-6:30 People will gather and enjoy dinner or a light snack.
6:30 Meeting starts
6:30-6:45 Vote in our minutes from last meeting and financials
6:45-7:00 Introduce our Legislators
7:00-7:50 Questions and Answers
7:50-8:00 Wrap up

Questions for our legislators:

1. How are the legislators going to vote so as to fund education in Washington State to fulfill the McCleary ruling that the state must provide ample provisions to fund basic education?

2. What is your idea of basic education? Does it include running start, full day kindergarten, classes for gifted students and classes for special needs?

3. Why do some school districts you represent have such low test scores and why are some so much higher, in your opinion?

4. What will you be voting on in the next legislature?

Come out and let your voice be heard and just as important, let your mind be open to hear new ideas.

January 8th in the Dimmitt Middle School library, please arrive by 6:15 and get a bite to eat before the meeting starts.

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